Fallout 3

I’ve started to lose some of my hair over the last few days (how careless). I first noticed it on Tuesday, when I ran my fingers through my hair and about half a dozen strands of long hair came away (i.e., not the hairy hedgehog hedgerow that has grown back since Mr H gave me my second reverse Mohican as a Halloween present).

Since Tuesday, half a dozen or so strands have come out multiple times a day. I can’t really see in the mirror where the hair has fallen out but I’m sure it will be obvious enough very soon. Of course, parts of the hedgehog hair are likely to be coming out too but it’s not currently long enough for me to run my fingers through it or to notice (necessarily) a few strands of that shorter hair coming out. Continue reading “Fallout 3”


Cease the Seizin’ to be Jolly

I had two doozies on Friday but the count over the weekend was none. I therefore was able to see the kids more on Christmas Day than I feared. That’s not to say that all seizure activity ceased for the festivities, but the mini-me seizures are 95% less debilitating than the doozies.

I’ve had four mini-meizures over the last few days (including one as I was drifting off to sleep literally as the clock struck midnight to turn Christmas Eve into Christmas, which seemed symbolic, though of what I’m not sure). For that I am grateful beyond belief as I was able to enjoy some precious moments. Continue reading “Cease the Seizin’ to be Jolly”

Mamma Mia!

Today is Ma Rent’s birthday. This photo was taken just over a month before Squattergate began.


Today, after my radiotherapy, Graham and I met Ma, Pa and the kids at The Staiths Cafe for lunch. It was the first time that we’ve been out for a meal together as a family in months, unless you count hospital cafes as “out” (which I don’t). Thankfully, so far today I’ve not had any, but I figured it was definitely worth a seizure or three to mark my amazing Mam’s birthday. Continue reading “Mamma Mia!”

The Radio Times

Friday’s appointment involved a minor hiccup as the Radio machine was, in the radiographer’s words, “playing silly buggers”. She reassured me that it wasn’t zapping anything that it shouldn’t have been but it simply wasn’t doing anything. I was lying there in The Mask for about 10 minutes listening to a few Christmas songs while they sorted it so the overall length of the appointment was longer than usual. It’s a good job that I’m not claustrophobic!

By the way, my only clue as to the time that passes while I’m in The Mask is the number of songs that I hear. I accept that this is neither a standard nor wholly accurate time-keeping method but it’s the best that I can do! Continue reading “The Radio Times”

Seizin’s Greetings

What a difference four years makes to the Cole family Christmas tree in terms of size, colour and authenticity🎄😂:

Wishing you all a Christmas full of as many as possible of the people and things you love most in the world.

While I am on a seizonal theme, I made it to Jennifer’s nursery nativity yesterday (her second and final performance of the season). The timing of it could have been better (I had a seizure an hour before we were leaving) but it could have been worse (I didn’t have a seizure during the performance!). It was another treat for me to see J and her nursery crew on their best behaviour and looking so cute so I’m beyond thrilled that I made it. Continue reading “Seizin’s Greetings”


Today was the start of a new chapter in the Squatter Saga. I’m not planning to describe how it’s gone after every one of my oodles and noodles of radiotherapy sessions as I’m guessing that will be monotonous for everyone, including me. However, I’ll make an exception for my radiotherapy debut.

Contingency Cole

I mentioned this on Facebook earlier so apologies for the duplication for Facebook users. Contingency Cole (aka The Human Gantt Chart aka The Silver Fox) ensured we arrived at the Freeman Hospital a whole hour before my appointment. I joked that it wouldn’t have happened if I was in charge as I’d be closer to the appointment time (albeit late)! Continue reading “Radiohead”

Going Gaga Over Radio(therapy)

It’s been just over six weeks since Mr H’s Halloween hewing of the habitant in my head. Tomorrow it’s the turn of Dr M’s radiotherapy team to launch a six-week assault on the Squatter.

I’m hoping that Roger Taylor was right when he wrote that:

You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour
Radio – radio

Plan A

Earlier today, Graham and I met with my consultant neurologist, Dr A. You might recall, if you’ve been paying attention, that I was referred to him after the seizures were still averaging once a day despite the cocktail of drugs I have been on. Dr A’s remit is to come up with a balanced cocktail of anti-seizure medication to reduce the frequency of my episodes and, if possible, to cease the seizures completely. Continue reading “Going Gaga Over Radio(therapy)”