Oot and Aboot

Nothing much to report as I’ve been preserving energy for the next couple of days. One notable exception is that Graham, Jennifer and I went out on a twofold mission today to:

  1. find some silver trainers for me that I may or may not need on Saturday; and
  2. buy some presents for Leo for his birthday on Saturday as, although he will not remember, I will feel guilty about not getting him anything. Besides, Jennifer has the memory of an elephant and would undoubtedly tell him in years to come that he got nothing for his first birthday!

We went to the Metro Centre and succeeded, which was a relief. More importantly, I got to share some normal family time with my girl, who was excited to see the sparkly Christmas decorations. Plus, although I could blame the Squatter, anyone who knows me will realise it’s reassuringly normal for me to engage in last-minute panic-buying! I can’t share details of what we bought Leo as he might find out and that will spoil the surprise!

On the health front, I have had increased energy levels yesterday and today. The key, I think, has been a two-hour nap in the middle of each day. I confess that I’ve felt for years like I could do with a nap in the middle of the day. It’s only taken being diagnosed with a brain tumour for those around me to allow me to succumb. Living the dream!

Seizure later.*


*Kudos to Claire Fox for that suggestion.

PS Here are my super silver trainers. Spot the discrepancy that I corrected as soon as I got home.



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