The Hodgeheg

Afternoon all

Since Rach’s last post we have enjoyed a somewhat more settled existence. Although Rach has had four seizures in that time (two on Friday and one each on Saturday and Sunday) they have been short, if not sweet, and, touch wood, have not caused any lasting issues.

Today is the first day that Rach has been amongst her people for the majority of the day, only now taking a rest before the return of the little people. On the strength of her reviews, we’ve all moved into Casa Turner which has significantly increased family play time, much to the particular delight of my daughter.

Rach has asked me to let you all know that she has not been ignoring all of your kind messages, she’s simply not had the energy to respond. I’m now receiving instructions so it shouldn’t be long!

Tomorrow we meet Rach’s Oncologist to discus what comes next. We’ll let you know.


p.s. The latest in post-surgical Hannibal hair dos




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