A Day of Sporting Triumphs


At 8am this morning, these two (lovely) crazies, Laura and Rob, set off on the Jedburgh 3 Peaks Ultramarathon:


The race is 38 miles in the Scottish Borders. Both the distance and the terrain just seem insane to me, and yet here they were, just before the race started, smiling at the prospect! Rob and Laura very kindly decided to run for the Brain Tumour Charity, and if you should wish to do so, you can sponsor them here.


Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, every year since he died, Graeme’s friends have played football in his memory twice a year: around his birthday in July and around this week’s anniversary. It’s always been wonderful for me and the Rents to see first-hand how much Graeme still means to his friends.

It’s a good laugh both on the pitch and in the pub afterwards, and we often hear hilarious stories about our boy that we’ve never heard before. The football skills are mixed, but there have definitely been some flashes of mediocrity and possibly even one or two Ginola-esque moments of magic over the years. The average energy levels have never been particularly high and had perhaps been decreasing. Thankfully, in recent years, the next generation has added some energy and enthusiasm to proceedings. The kids have had to take some knocks along the way (Grandad Jim and Graeme would both be pleased that there’s no mollycoddling the young ones!).

I’ve taken some stick for not playing for a few years due to a combination of pregnancy, back trouble and acute laziness, but today’s occasion is the first one that I’ve missed completely. Does the Squatter give me a legitimate reason to miss it? Almost certainly not if Graeme were here to judge!

This was from one of the games last year:


Let me know of any sporting achievements I’ve missed and I might give you a shout-out!

Enjoy your weekends.



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