Hail Seizer!

Blue skies, trees swaying gently in the autumn breeze and the occasional cry of a Timberland & Jogging pant-clad Gatesheadian provide the backdrop to this afternoon’s update.

Rachel’s reaction to the Phenytoin has calmed following a “bit of a bugger of a night”, leaving a small amount of swelling and soreness. It transpires that the original dose was sub-therapeutic, registering a measly 3 vs an expected 10-20 (scale unknown, but a poor performance nonetheless). Now that Rach is on an increased regular dose, the “trough” test will be re-run later this afternoon with, hopefully, a seizure-cessating  score.

Today has also seen the return of the CAT scan to our adventure, thankfully showing no growth or increased swelling in the little sh1t (aka the Squatter).  The seizures have reduced in frequency and duration and Rach continues her best Mystic Meg act, predicting their on-set before the symptoms are apparent to us mere mortals.

Neither we nor the doctors are completely sure why the seizures have returned but it is comforting that the CAT scan shows no change.

We fully expect Rachel to stay in hospital for at least the next couple of days, allowing the seizures to be tamed before she is released back into the wild.





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