You can’t handle the Phenytoin

Good [insert time zone specific salutation] 

Despite increasing one of Rach’s anti-seizure meds, she continues to have relatively mild, short seizures every couple of hours or so.  Rachel is currently hooked up to that most desirable of hospital-bound smoker’s accessory: a drip, to deliver an increased dose of her second seizure medication. We’re hoping that this will get the seizures under control “toot-sweet” and we can once again focus our attention on restoring movement in her right leg.

Hygiene Update – We have managed to bundle Rachel into the en-suite shower room, a manoeuvre costing only one seizure, to prend un douche. This has illicited many positive comments regarding the eau de rach which, ironically, is the result of a rather wonderful dry shampoo!

As I write this, Rach is having a reaction to a drug she’s been taking for ages (albeit in tablet form) and is taking a little break from said drip at doctor’s orders. Nevertheless she is still setting me up with jobs and cracking jokes.

Rach will be staying in at least tonight as they want the seizures to be under control before sending her back out into chez rents.




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