The Seizures Strike Back

After over four weeks without a seizure, the Immigrant must have been saving up for a doozy. At 7 o’clock this morning I was rudely awoken with a familiar right-sided focal seizure. It lasted over two hours. An ambulance came first followed by the paramedics in a car. I was injected with a sedative at home before they put me in the ambulance. Blue flashing lights took me all the way to the QE hospital travelling at the speed of light…the only casualty being the ambulance’s exhaust, which came off. So whilst looking after me, the paramedic also had to report the incident to the Traffic Police!

The seizure affected my foot for the whole two hours, and also intermittently affected my speech (everyone was probably relieved when I stopped talking). When I got to the hospital they had me take all of my regular medication, including an increased dose of one of my anti-seizure tablets. They also gave me an injection of a sedative to help calm the seizure followed by four more doses at 15-minute intervals. So just over two hours from starting, the medication got the seizure under control from 9am until 4pm. I just had a minor one that lasted 45 seconds. My right arm and movement doesn’t seem to have been affected but the right leg and particularly my foot have gone back a few stages I think.

(As I have dictated this to Ma Rent, I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes.)

R x



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