Match Rescheduled: Mr H, Halloween and Hotel HDU

Mr H and his A(wake)-Team are booked in for their postponed match against the Squatter. Here’s a reminder of what I could have won on Thursday: Hannibal-style “Awake” surgery (further details here but key highlights include the use of a jigsaw for my skull and my head being bolted to the table).

To add a touch of drama, this already-surreal-sounding brain surgery will now take place on Halloween 🎃 👻. While, on the one hand, it’s all a bit too obvious, I can’t stop my overactive imagination running away with the spoon. I mean, Howay Man, Woman Man, the script practically writes itself for the Lloyd-Webber megamix equivalent of a Halloween B-movie.

I have been promised a full head bandage this time, so it won’t take much effort to complete a Mummy look as I will just need a few more bandages. A few people have also suggested Frankenstein’s monster; green face paint will be the only special effects needed to add to the real-life staples.

I hope that Mr H and the rest of his team will come into theatre dressed up for the occasion. Surely Mr H has already got a Hannibal Lecter mask, but perhaps I should buy him one just to be sure? I think I should also get him Dr L’s orange jumpsuit too: the colour is perfect for both Halloween and Team Graeme.

The possibilities seem endless and all suggestions are welcome to make this the best movie never made!

It’s the Final Countdown (Hopefully)

The operation is scheduled to start at about midday, just like it was on Thursday. Also like Thursday, it won’t go ahead if Hotel HDU is fully booked and/or understaffed. Hopefully for all concerned, there won’t be too much demand for HDU’s amazing team that day.

With a new date in the diary, it seems appropriate to think about what we learned from the dummy-run last week. The initial reaction of someone close to me when I first mentioned the possibility of an Awake surgery was that, if I’m not having general anaesthetic, then she wants it instead! I don’t think the events of last Thursday have done anything to change her view.

She’s not the only one. There were a few, shall we say, “highly-strung” folks around me last week. We have just over 12 days to find a solution (possibly chemical-based, as long as it’s legal) for the worriers around me. Again, all suggestions welcome!

Hokey Cokey

I have had increased movement, energy and confidence over the last few days. I’ve been out of the house for the third day in a row, not for very long on any one occasion, but it’s my record since August nonetheless (if you discount my 20 nights in hospital since then).

When in the house (i.e., most of the time), I’m doing more as well (all relatively speaking). One highlight to mention is that I have been part of the kids’ bath time for the last couple of nights, the first time in I don’t know how long. It really is the simple things one treasures the most.





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