Some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti, Anyone?

Jennifer will be pleased that Mr H has already drawn a purple cross on my left ear. On Tuesday, after we explained that I would be back in hospital for another operation (with a bigger bandage this time), Jennifer excitedly asked: “will you have another purple cross drawn on your ear?”. This is for you, JAC:


Connect 4 Success

I’m currently waiting in my temporary lodgings in Ward 17 having been checked in. That’s Wards 15, 16, 17 and 18 connected. I’ll be back on Ward 18 (HDU) after the op and then hopefully tomorrow I’ll be well enough to go to one of the post-op Wards (15/16).

As well as Mr H stopping by to draw on me, I’ve met his registrar, Anna, who was particularly interested in the extent of movement (and lack thereof) in my right side. I’ve also chatted in detail with the specialist “Awake” surgery anaesthetist, Fran, who’ll be running the drugs side of things. Happily, Fran is the amazing lady who introduced me to the Shiny Happy Woozy Drug in my biopsy. I have full confidence that I’ve got the A-Team on the job.

What’s Next?

We are expecting a midday kick-off, subject to there being an available bed in HDU. I’m actually quite excited to be supervising my first brain surgery, which has led my Mam to use the word “changeling” more than once. I think I’m excited mostly because it’s something that has to be done from a Brexit perspective so let’s Just Do It, but also partly because of my fascination with the surgery itself. Pretty much everyone else around me is far from “excited” and leaning more towards “bricking it”.

Unless the surgery is cut short for some reason (the biggest risk being a seizure), Mr Succinct should be able to let you know that I’m safely in HDU at around about 5/6pm. Hopefully I’ll be breaking my fast around then, which started at 10pm last night. I’m trying to ignore the Steroid Baby’s crying.

Thank you for all the amazing messages of support from near and far. I’ve replied to as many as I can, even just to acknowledge them, but I’m relying on this generic (but nonetheless heartfelt) all-inclusive thank you. People have said such nice things, I’m almost lost for words…(don’t worry, only “almost”).


PS This was my second middle-of-the-night start of the week. If I didn’t ardently believe in the cause, I’d be writing some strongly-worded letters of complaint. I need more sleep deprivation like I need another hole in the head.



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