A Tale of Two Kilis (Part One)

Where else to begin but with noting that it is eight years ago today that I set off (along with nine others) on the most amazing and emotional trip of my life? Our destination was Kilimanjaro, not only to raise money for brain tumour research but to scatter some of my brother’s ashes at the summit. Altitude sickness had prevented him from reaching the top himself just six months before his brain tumour diagnosis. You can read the story of our trek here. I’m almost certain I’ll be writing a lot more about Kili as the blog goes on.

It’s definitely one of my OCD traits to fixate on dates and numbers (please, Mr H, don’t take it away!). Remind me to tell you the palindromic odometer story that could have stopped Graham from proposing (even after he had saved up and bought me The Ring) because I so freaked him out.


The last couple of days have brought some exciting moments with the kids. I read Jennifer’s bedtime stories to her for the first time in over two weeks (“Slinky Malinki” and “Elmer and Aunt Zelda” were the chosen ones) and I gave Leo some of his bottle for the first time in at least three weeks (although it could have been longer).

This evening, we had three fun consecutive family games of Hide and Seek (Jennifer wasn’t satisfied until Graham, Jennifer and I had each had a turn as the seeker). I then sat at the dining table for tea* with my nearest and dearest for the first time in what feels like forever (two and a half weeks?).

The pre-school that Jennifer attends four days a week started using the “MarvellousMe” app not long before the Summer Holidays. It allows the teachers to share photos and achievements of a child directly with the parents of that child. I had logged in and seen a few photos before the Summer but, although I had checked a few times since term began, I hadn’t seen any updates.

I was very happy to pick up my iPad earlier to see the following alert:


As if there was ever any doubt, technology can be an amazing and uplifting lifeline and not just a tool for procrastination.

Shower Scene

I know you all like to be kept up-to-date with my cleanliness. Today’s exciting news on that front is that I made it upstairs for my first shower (and first wet hair-wash) since I left hospital on Friday. Nina and I are feelin’ it.

Twilight Walk That Will Be After All

One of my friends from university kindly offered to step in to complete the Twilight Walk on Sunday, and the Brain Tumour Charity quickly agreed to transfer our registrations. The Cole family places on the Walk have therefore been transferred to the Stacey family (with two additional places purchased to allow for their bigger brood). The fundraising page remains the same (see here) but I’ve now updated it with the story so far. Thank you so much to those who have already donated; we have already hit our target thanks to your generosity!

A Hand-Reared Calf or A Deer With No Eyes?

To clarify, I was not intentionally calling anyone a hand-reared calf in my previous post. Sadly, my reference to “sook” was neither as clever nor as deep as the theory put forward by a QC friend of mine. Her guess was logically sound but wrong; I simply meant, by using an Aussie slang term for “crybaby”, that I had made a lot of people cry.

I already suspected that few of you, if anyone, will catch every reference I make. I think, however, that this is the first time that I’ve caused genuine and utter confusion; it’s certainly the first time that I’ve received requests (and quite a few!) for clarification. Don’t be shy about asking for further clarity; I barely understand what my brain comes up with sometimes so I’m not in the least bit surprised if you can’t always follow me.


[*Terms of Reference

For the uneducated, “tea” is the correct term for one’s evening meal in the North-East. It’s not usually “dinner” unless one is either eating a “Sunday Dinner” at teatime on any given day or heading out for a special meal (one would have “tea” at Pizza Express but go out for “Dinner” at House of Tides, for example). Otherwise, “dinner” can be used interchangeably with “lunch” but only when the meal is substantial and hot. “Supper” is never an acceptable term for the main evening meal but is, rather, the term for snacks before bed, such as toast, a bowl of cereal and/or other sustenance required for Steroid Babies.]


One thought on “A Tale of Two Kilis (Part One)”

  1. Ooh, challenge accepted! (By that I mean the obviously implied challenge to linguistically dazzle your ardent blog followers with more antipodean masterpieces!)
    So glad the Staceys are walking for you

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