Successful Supervision

Thankfully, Rachel’s operation has gone well. She remained awake throughout and was able to complete her first brain surgery supervision with minimal fuss.  I am yet to be permitted an audience with my superstar wife although I hope that will be sorted soon.

Today marks the middle of the beginning of our adventure. Looking forward, we are set for a challenging and, hopefully, rewarding few weeks before Rachel embarks on a course of radiotherapy to further strangle the life out of the little sh1t.

My hope for this treatment hiatus is that Rachel regains and retains a level of independence which will allow her to fully enjoy her children, her family and friends and, dare I say it, maybe even her husband (a long shot I know).

As ever, the unwavering support and love shown by you all brings enormous benefit to us in our day-to-day lives. Thank you.

I will try to update as regularly as possible over the next couple of days before handing back to the Headline act.



Long Time No…


It’s about 72 hours since my last seizure. That’s twice the length of time between that and the previous seizure. Hopefully, that’s a sign that the medication is winning against Dr Nazi.

I’m really hoping that this means the surgery will go ahead tomorrow (and is successful) and I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t. However, if Mr H thinks that it’s not safe to go ahead because of the seizures (or anything else), then I have to accept his judgment. Continue reading “Long Time No…”

A Day of Sporting Triumphs


At 8am this morning, these two (lovely) crazies, Laura and Rob, set off on the Jedburgh 3 Peaks Ultramarathon:


The race is 38 miles in the Scottish Borders. Both the distance and the terrain just seem insane to me, and yet here they were, just before the race started, smiling at the prospect! Rob and Laura very kindly decided to run for the Brain Tumour Charity, and if you should wish to do so, you can sponsor them here. Continue reading “A Day of Sporting Triumphs”

A Fitting End to a Difficult Day

Yesterday was an emotionally weird and difficult day. I spent the day unable to identify most of what I was feeling other than “meh”. Here’s an update about things I can identify, albeit not as eloquently as I’d like (I’m feeling sleepy).

His Loss Is Heavy, He’s My Brother

I miss him desperately.

One of the things that I have thought a lot about in recent years is trying to fit Graeme into my current life. I left London as a direct result of Graeme’s terminal brain tumour. I met Graham (who was working for my new firm as an indirect result of a different terminal brain tumour). If it hadn’t been for Graeme’s death, I therefore probably wouldn’t have met the silver fox. I wish it didn’t have to be one or the other. Continue reading “A Fitting End to a Difficult Day”

Hail Seizer!

Blue skies, trees swaying gently in the autumn breeze and the occasional cry of a Timberland & Jogging pant-clad Gatesheadian provide the backdrop to this afternoon’s update.

Rachel’s reaction to the Phenytoin has calmed following a “bit of a bugger of a night”, leaving a small amount of swelling and soreness. It transpires that the original dose was sub-therapeutic, registering a measly 3 vs an expected 10-20 (scale unknown, but a poor performance nonetheless). Now that Rach is on an increased regular dose, the “trough” test will be re-run later this afternoon with, hopefully, a seizure-cessating  score. Continue reading “Hail Seizer!”

You can’t handle the Phenytoin

Good [insert time zone specific salutation] 

Despite increasing one of Rach’s anti-seizure meds, she continues to have relatively mild, short seizures every couple of hours or so.  Rachel is currently hooked up to that most desirable of hospital-bound smoker’s accessory: a drip, to deliver an increased dose of her second seizure medication. We’re hoping that this will get the seizures under control “toot-sweet” and we can once again focus our attention on restoring movement in her right leg. Continue reading “You can’t handle the Phenytoin”