“Stay Above 50!”

Happily, 10am this morning marked 50 hours since my last seizure. I’ll be glad to continue speeding away from the local focal yokels. I am periodically experiencing some tingling in my right side as if a Strange(love) turn is coming on but it’s happening less frequently and the army of medication is keeping the Nazis at bay.

My right side has further improved in strength and mobility today, which has increased my confidence too. This morning, I rather thrillingly had a (seated) shower and got dressed on my Billy No Mates. The only help I needed was to be wheeled in and out of the shower on my hot wheels. While getting to and from the shower is obviously crucial help, the progress feels good after a week in hospital.

No Proverbial, Holmes

As I mentioned previously, I gave due notice to the DVLA of my brain tumour and initial seizure. Predictably (and properly), I received confirmation a couple of days ago that my driving licence has been revoked for at least 12 months. It amuses me to no end that the stated reason for the suspension is my “increased risk of further seizures”.

I have experienced an unknown but ridiculous number of seizures since 2.30am on Saturday. I had almost-constant seizures from then until I was sedated in A&E to keep me still enough for a scan to check for bleeds on my brain. I don’t know when this sedation happened and only vaguely recall being told it was going to happen. The seizure tsunami had continued despite the paramedics having injected me with an anti-seizure cocktail almost as soon as they arrived on the scene (around 3am?).

My hospital chart has an itemised seizure count since 5.45am on Saturday and it describes over 70 seizures. Trying to fill in the blanks, I estimate that I could easily have experienced over 50 seizures between blast-off at 2.30am and the opening of the archives.

So, yes, I’d say that the DVLA’s assessment of my increased seizure risk, and the revocation of my licence, is entirely justified. Proof that even this useless Government can sometimes get it right on medical assessments. Who knew?

Correction Notice

I need to clarify my noble-sounding vow not to use the blog to “denigrate, insult or otherwise embarrass others”. This lofty statement should, of course, have expressly excluded my absolute intention to denounce, deride and disparage (but not defame) public figures, particularly politicians.

You’ve Got A Friend

I’ve had some lovely visits from friends and family over the last week and more are scheduled over the weekend. I’m so grateful for the amazing people in my life. If I’d known I would get such quality time with my nearest and dearest (including Spain-based, London-based and Cumbria-based, to name but a few), I’d have checked into the RVI years ago!

Seriously, though, I’ll keep saying it because it’s true: friends and family are everything to me. My time here would be mind-numbingly boring and depressing without the distractions of friends and family both in person and via my iPhone and iPad.

[I’m new to all this and I don’t know how it works, but if I mention my Apple lifelines regularly enough, might I score a free MacBook and/or Apple Watch? I think I might be ready to access marketing help to increase my audience and explore sponsorship opportunities. Any tips welcome.]



One thought on ““Stay Above 50!””

  1. Hi Rach – Mat updated us on your progress yesterday and I’ve just read the posts from now until before the surgery. You write absolutely wonderfully – I am in awe of the wit and craftsmanship of your posts – not to mention incredible humour and optimism in the face of such adversity. I want to say more about how much my heart goes out to you and your friends and family but it feels a bit out of place so instead I’ll stick with Sliding Doors / Monty Python and say ‘nobody expects the Spanish inquisition’ xxx. Sarah xxx (was Morgan now Threlfall) xxx

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