Cole’s Miscellany (Part Four)

My ears were horrified earlier when a guest on the Washington Post-produced podcast “Presidential” used the phrase “learned him” without irony. After re-listening to the relevant blasphemy several times to check I hadn’t mis-heard, I stopped listening to the episode immediately in an attempt to verify whether my revulsion was grammatically correct.

I found a lot of articles and explanations online affirming my distaste for the term, but I also found this explanation, which seemed vaguely plausible. Further investigations persuade me that the ring of truth I sensed for such a clunky phrase actually expired in the early 19th Century. Nonetheless, I’d welcome any further evidence either way.

I noticed that the semi-plausible article was published on this very day in 2013. My pattern brain therefore couldn’t resist the satisfaction of releasing this Mini-Miscellany without delay to hit the date.

Non-Update Update

While I’m here, I will take the opportunity to confirm that I’ve had no further seizures (nearly 37 hours and counting). I’ve also not had any news about the Squatter’s secret identity, Mr H’s eviction plans and/or the neurologists’ anti-seizure strategy.

Happy weekend one and all.





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