Cole’s Miscellany (Part Three)


  • I didn’t think a Five Guys burger could taste any better than usual, but, in helping to feed the Steroid Baby, my amazing husband absolutely nailed it.
  • The junior doctor, who drew on my face in a rather high-tech way to confirm which side of my brain was to be mined, was perfectly lovely but a bit tentative in using his biro to mark the spot. Mr H swept in moments later and used rather more of a flourish to mark “X” on my ear quickly with a thick felt-tip pen. Counter-intuitively, does this mean that the higher-up a doctor goes, the thicker the crayon?
  • For more than 20 years, I’ve remembered the name of the 21st President because of the puzzle “what’s 21 out of 42?” featured in Die Hard With A Vengeance. I found out late last night that the Chester A. Arthur Elementary School, the source of my knowledge, doesn’t actually exist. How can one recover from that kind of jolt?
  • I haven’t yet shared my theory with Mr H, but I’m blaming my weekend troubles on the tightening polls. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc, after all. One has to cling on to any hope one can find so I’m trying to find inspiration in Julia Sand in case the worst happens.
  • I found time on Sunday to help one of the lovely ITU/HDU nurses with a bit of wedding planning. She’s getting married in a small ceremony on my brother’s birthday next year (of course). Then, a couple of weeks later, they’re having their big bash at the Summerhill Bowling Club, which I’d never heard of until we were invited to a rather splendid family wedding there in July.
  • The legislation creating the United States Secret Service was on Abraham Lincoln’s desk the night he was assassinated. Why didn’t Alanis refer to that?

3 thoughts on “Cole’s Miscellany (Part Three)”

  1. Hi Rachel
    Firstly, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with all your blogs and how disturbed I am about the odds quoted at the head of this page:( How the f**k does that even happen? Since returning from our majestic cruise around the med, I must apologise for the fact that I have not yet found the time to come and visit you (very bad friend indeed!). I will do my very best to put that right in the not too distant future. Hope Graham, Mam, Dad and the lovely little people are coping half as well as you seem to be (outwardly anyway). Roll on the results from that brain intrusion you suffered last week and pray to god that the news is good. Keep making me laugh and cry in equal measures lovely Rachel and I promise I will see you soon.
    Lots of love and healing thoughts from me, G & Paul.xxxxxx

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  2. Amazing lady. The junior doctor who marked my back prior to my op. wrote ‘cut here’ ( at least that’s what Suzie told me.) You were lucky to get a simple cross…..but I guess there isn’t much room on an ear. I envy your staples…I had 48 untidy stitches and now appear to have been bitten by a shark. 😁😁😁😁
    Wishing you better soon xx

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