Still Got It

You might be relieved that I don’t have the energy for a proper “War and Peace” blog post but, between sleeps and seizures here on Ward 16, I have had time to achieve 100% on this important quiz. As if there would ever be any doubt that a brain tumour, brain surgery and/or super sleepiness would take anything away from my beloved OCD.

Seizure Saturday

I can’t remember much of Saturday, not least because they sedated me (maybe, like Mr H, everyone prefers me when I’m given less opportunity to speak?). Fear not, though, apparently I was bossing Graham around and making sure my Mam recorded my ideas for future blog posts. I also suggested to one of the lovely nurses that we head on out to the Bigg Market. This is the most concerning development to me as I’ve never shown any desire to go there before!

I would obviously rather not be having any seizures but, as I don’t lose consciousness, at least they’re not disorientating. I can feel them coming on so I can warn those around me; they last 20-50 seconds; and, then I’m done. Sometimes I go longer without a seizure than others (I had none in four hours overnight on Sunday versus experiencing three in an hour before a nap on Monday evening). Tiredness therefore seems to be a definite trigger. I just woke up after a few hours’ nap, and I’m ready for more snoozes soon in an attempt to stave off further seizures. Carpe No Diem please.

Keep on Taking the Tablets

Over the weekend, the doctors doubled the dose of anti-seizure medication I have been taking since the Squatter Discovery and also put me on another anti-seizure medication. There’s also a heavy-duty anti-seizure medication (sedative?) being held in reserve in case the seizures last longer than five minutes like they did on Friday night/Saturday but thankfully that’s not been needed recently.

I think I had consecutive seizures with only seconds of relief in between them from about 2.30am on Saturday for quite a few hours, despite the anbulance crews (not one, but two, for this Drama Queen) having injected me with anti-seizure medication. The steroids have been increased back up to 16mg daily so I’m eating the NHS out of house and home again. Incidentally, have I mentioned recently how truly amazing our NHS is? I’m in awe. And truly angry at the war being waged on it, but that’s for another day.

Weakness But No Pain

My left side is completely unaffected by the seizures. I have a weak right arm but it has regained almost full movement. My right leg (and particularly my poor foot, which takes the brunt of the seizures) still doesn’t have a whole lot of movement but, given the ongoing seizures, I assume this is because it’s not had any fighting chance to recover. That said, there’s a tiny bit more movement than there was on Sunday, which is itself better than the total lack of movement on Saturday. The Physio is coming back tomorrow.

I can’t overstate how pleased I am that I don’t have any pain, whether from my staples, seizures or anything else. The only painful part of the whole process was during the initial period of seizures, which Elvisly occurred on the toilet, when I could not move my right side at all and I was stooped over the side of the bath while my right foot incessantly thumped against the tiled bathroom floor. A couple of blisters were the result and caused seemingly disproportionate pain given everything else that was going on! A request for a padded bathroom floor might need to go in the next review!

Next Steps

Mr H stopped by to see me in the HDU earlier on Monday. He said he will see me again on Tuesday along with some neurologists to figure out the best plan to combat the seizures. No, they don’t have biopsy results yet, so the next step is likely to be purely seizure-related (which could include further surgery and/or further medication) rather than Brexit.

Thanks as ever for your support, photos, links to grammar articles, messages, one-liners, hilarious stories, visits, parcels and everything in between. I don’t always have time to reply either at all or in full but I do read them all (eventually) and I appreciate every one.

Sleepy Time.



3 thoughts on “Still Got It”

  1. Rach – you’re truly amazing and still your extremely entertaining self. I’m following your story and thinking of you non-stop… Sending much love and the strongest get well wishes possible from oz-land. Xxxxxx

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  2. Great to have to back online Rach, always love reading your short stories 😁 . I concede that my TeamGraeme texts need more padding out. Worry ye not though, as Arnie would say “I’ll be back!!” oh and “get to da choppa”… Absolutely no relevance in this one, just wanted to write it for your amusement. Keep on blogging, much love Dave and Marie xx

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