Smelling Lightning

Rach is continuing to feel progressively better and has now been transferred to a Neuro Ward pending further tests to ascertain what’s causing the continuing seizures.

The seizures, whilst disturbing and uncomfortable, are not causing any pain, last less than a minute and now only affect Rach’s right hand side.  Interestingly, Rachel can feel when they’re coming, an apparently hereditary talent, albeit used for a very different purpose.

In events away from drama lady, drama boy has today taken his first steps towards independence by successfully completing a taster session at nursery.  Whilst unfortunately there is no official mark allotted, I’m hopeful that his stellar performance will set the bar.

The dinner trolley has just arrived so it’s time to down tools.




One thought on “Smelling Lightning”

  1. The hereditary talent referred to by Graham is that of Rachel’s Mam who can detect a thunderstorm by its smell. This talent was first revealed several years ago when Rachel, Anne and I were driving between Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon. Anne revealed that she could smell lightning and sure enough in the distance we could see a thunderstorm. For the non-scientist among you the smell is that of a gas called ozone which is formed in the atmosphere when lightning interacts with oxygen molecules. Ozone is also formed near high voltage electricity units. So endeth today’s science lesson from Dr K.


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