Hi all, G again

Despite achieving a state of relative normality over these past few weeks, with Rach’s condition being such that she has been at home amongst her nearest and dearest for the most part, the severity of the situation has not been far from my thoughts.

Unfortunately this was brought home to us late last night when Rachel had several consecutive seizures whilst at the rents and was taken by ambulance to the Rvi.

After some child-based logistic juggling and front-seat ambulance riding I joined her in A&E where we learned that there is no bleeding on the brain and that the seizures, as with the one that started this adventure, were most probably a result of the tumour.

Rach was moved up to the ITU, where she remains. She is very tired but her vitals are strong and she’s started to eat and drink.  Her right side is once again somewhat weaker than her left, something we hope will resolve itself in due course.

I fully expect normal communications to resume from tomorrow onwards and would not be surprised to see a critique of my efforts in Rach’s next update.

As Rach has said previously, the love and support of our friends and family is keeping us all going, so thank you all.



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