We’re Off To See The Wizard

The photo below was taken earlier today, shortly before I was successfully transferred to Ward 15 here at the RVI. The Rents have been granted some respite (just the two children under 4 to look after for now!):


How ‘Do You Do?

It is probably going to be the last photo of me before Mr H and his friends give me a new ‘Do. Vanity kicked in and I asked Ma to blow-dry my hair to mark the occasion. The zookeepers will be relieved that the quality of hairdressing services nudged the Establishment into a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 rating just in the nick of time.

I’ve been told to expect a relatively small strip of hair (3 x 1 inches) being shaved either horizontally or vertically from the top of my head. These preliminary groundworks will clear the way for the “Drill, Baby, Drill” team to move in.

Last week, Mr H suggested that a form of combover tends to help women like me who have longer hair. Watch out for a “Just Call me Bobby” post in the future.

Go On Now Go

Graham and I coincidentally passed Mr H in the corridor just as we came out of the car park. He recognised us (“there’s the weird one who referenced Hannibal”?) and we spoke briefly. Luckily, he had told us last week that he is working in another hospital this afternoon. Otherwise, I might have panicked to see him fleeing the hospital as soon as I walked in. You will be pleased to know that he looks well-rested, relaxed and confident.

Date Night

Graham and I are now just chilling (and munching provisions) while we wait to speak to the Registrar. There’s nothing like the bonus of a Date Night. And this is nothing like a Date Night 😂.

That said, it’s actually the most time we’ve spent alone in a while. Therefore, I’m on my iPad and he’s looking at the news on his iPhone. We’ve got enough change going on in our lives at the minute. We don’t want to tip ourselves over the edge by talking to each other again like Newlyweds!

Who Needs Anemones?

Two separate sources have independently suggested today that Mr H might be able to combine the biopsy with a “Take Out the Trash Day”. I’m awaiting a list of character traits that are deemed by these “friends” to be surplus to requirements!

Feelin’ Good

In summary, and relatively speaking, we are doing fine for now.



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