Somebody’s Going to Surgery, Somebody’s Going to Hail

Today brought me two appointment reminder calls from the RVI: one for my admission tomorrow and the other for Leo’s appointment next week with his post-meningitis consultant.

The clear lesson is that starring in one drama does not preclude you from making concurrent appearances in others. Thankfully, young Master Leo is coming on a treat (he taught himself to climb up the slope of the slide today). For the last couple of months, our concerns about him have eased completely, save that we worry he’s going to be a complete menace! Hopefully his consultant will agree with us and declare Leo to be discharged.

To think that I only recently started to believe that my Maternity Leave had finally turned a corner. I was looking forward to making the most of my last weeks and had booked music, messy play and swimming classes to keep us out of trouble.

What is that about best laid plans?!

The Drop In

I was pleased to join Graham in picking Jennifer up from nursery this afternoon. Not only is it the furthest I’ve ventured in a week reflecting a degree of confidence in my mobility, I wanted Jennifer to see me in a familiar environment ahead of my hospital stay as I’m not sure when I’ll next be able to pick her up.

When we got back, Jennifer made a passing reference to me and a bandage so I asked if she remembered what is happening this week. “Yes, Mammy, because we had our talk about it.” Then we moved on to the important sticker and pony work we’ve been progressing so far this week. I couldn’t be more proud of my girl.

What’s Next?

I must report for preliminary tumour-fighting duty at Ward 16 tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. I believe that tomorrow will bring a further MRI scan (US Presidents at the ready courtesy of one of today’s kind visitors), neurological tests, regular pre-op checks and a chat with Mr H’s Registrar.

On Thursday I’ll be “taken down”. If ever there’s a sign that my brain is not quite right, I’m wishing for an early start! Including the preparatory pinning, anaesthetic regime, drilling, biopsy and sew-up, Mr H said he expects me to be out of action for about half a day.

The Short List

An important decision I have to make is who can be trusted to update the blog to confirm when I’m out of surgery. Feel free to nominate someone (including yourself) if you think you can handle the responsibility!

Good night – and thanks as ever for the love and support coming my way, including texts, messages, cards, letters, visits and prayers. I can’t possibly convey exactly how much it means to me and my family, but suffice to say it’s “proper loads, like”.



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