Pies, French Fries and Logistics

In the current pre-surgery holding pattern, life in our family is actually quite pleasant. That is unexpected and surreal less than two weeks after some pretty shocking events but it is very welcome. I am going into hospital sometime on Wednesday ahead of the biopsy on Thursday (under general anaesthetic).

Food Glorious Food

I’m learning to recognise the steroids’ food demands and am planning accordingly. This basically means that I ask the carers for food at least every couple of hours. I’ve given up any pretence of just needing “snacks” even when it’s just an hour after a plateful of scrambled eggs on toast. Regular shopping trips by the Crew mean that the meal options continue to be varied and tasty.

As of this morning, my steroids dose is down to one tablet a day (2mg daily now, having started on 16mg daily while I was in hospital). I’m hopefully reaching the upper limit of how much food I can possibly need in one day but who knows. I’m scheduled to remain on steroids for another month, so I’m starting to regret having given away all my maternity clothes to charity earlier this year!

I am slightly concerned as to how I’ll cope with nil-by-mouth before my operation. Maybe there’s a loophole we can find in the fasting rules: does anyone know a good lawyer?

Declaration of (Semi) Independence

The range of movement in my right leg (and particularly my foot) has definitely improved over the last couple of days. I’ve not recovered full movement but I’m moving around the house confidently on my own.

This was what Mr H hoped for in increasing the anti-seizure medication so I’m happily putting the improvements down to my brain surgeon’s competence. He’s looking good so far for a positive rating on SurgeryAdvisor. Long may that continue!

Superpower Malfunction

A talent I’ve never hidden is my ability to sleep. Experiments have never conclusively determined any known limit to how much sleep I could achieve if I was given the opportunity to fulfil my dreams. I’ve always held out hopes for a sleep-driven Olympics sport.

Sadly, the steroids have caused my superpower to malfunction in the last couple of days with the introduction of the Wide Awake Club into day and night life. I’ve therefore been feeling very sleepy over the last couple of days even as I simultaneously feel wired.

The Miniaturist and The Minutiae

Jennifer was at nursery (as is usual on a Monday), and Graham took Leo over to his folks’ house. This allowed me to lie down when the steroids permitted some rest without feeling (too) guilty that I should be playing ponies instead. It worked out well as I felt refreshed enough for some fun times after nursery.

In between the feasts and the peace, I finished reading The Miniaturist and we sorted out some logistics (never a dull moment). We have:

  1. cancelled our flights to Madrid;
  2. started our travel insurance claim for the cancellation;
  3. completed the form to inform the DVLA about the seizure and the Squatter;
  4. updated our car insurance company about the exciting developments;
  5. arranged for Leo to start nursery earlier than planned to give us extra childcare options as this journey develops; and
  6. given Jennifer a run-down of what to expect this week.

Bandage on My Head in the Hospital Bed

The last of those achievements is something that our current holding-pattern allowed us to plan properly with a little (read: a LOT) of help from a paediatric nursing friend.

The best spontaneity is rehearsed and we’d decided how to explain my biopsy just this morning. As if on cue, Jennifer asked after nursery if I had seen the doctor. Using three soft toys, we played doctors. Jennifer chose the toy cat she was holding to be “Mammy”, which confused me more than it did her for the purposes of our analogy! Again, though, as if on cue, Jennifer decided that Mammy cat had something stuck in her paw that needed to be removed.

This fit in with our nurse-inspired analogy that Mammy is having another little stay in a hospital bed to have something removed from my head as there’s a bit not working properly. (Feel free to make the obvious joke there whether inwardly or in the comments: people have been saying it for years!)

We told her that Mammy cat will need a bandage and then would be coming home again as she did last week. We also let her in on the big secret: her and Leo are staying at Grandma’s again for a fun sleepover while I’m in hospital!

Jennifer’s summary while we patched up Mammy cat was that “Mammy will have a bandage on her head, stay in the bed and then she’ll feel better”.

Sounds good to me.



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