Cole’s Miscellany (Part Two)

  • This is why I love the English language.
  • 👶🏼🦁’s fifth tooth came through over the weekend. The discomfort he’s probably been feeling might well explain why he’s been getting up earlier than usual. I had previously suggested to Graham that the early rising was down to the recent absence of the iron rod discipline of his mother 😂.
  • I’m reliably informed by our Hollywood friends that not one but two real-life brain surgeons provided on-set guidance and supervision for THAT Hannibal scene. The Hannibal Preoccupation has taken root in at least 30% of the parts of my brain not occupied by the Squatter.
  • Not long after I was admitted onto the ward 12 days ago, 82-year old Mary (one of my ward-mates) stopped by my bed to tell me that if I should need anything during the night, I should ask her as she’s a very light sleeper and would be happy to help. 💜
  • That came after another fellow inmate, 69-year old Val, had just cleared up the mess I made in knocking my water all over my table, bed and floor within two minutes of admission. 💛
  • That incident reminded me of when we met Graeme’s brain surgeon, Mr Kane. He lent over the hospital bed to shake hands and bumped into a jug of water. “Don’t worry, I’m better with brains!”
  • I found a guitar 🎸 but, sadly, it doesn’t come with any instructions!

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