Dexamethasone Dichotomy

The effects and side-effects of the dexamethasone (steroids) are both tiring and insomniacal (why is that not a word? It’s been keeping me up at night*). An unusual (and less than ideal) combination.

It reminds me (very loosely) of those rock and roll times when I’ve climbed into bed totally wiped out after working 36 hours straight, hoped for instant relief, and then realised that there is absolutely no way my brain will switch off quickly to find solace in slumber. Yes, with apologies to former colleagues and bosses, I’ve just compared working as a lawyer in London with having a brain tumour!

Further, just to add a little fun and games to the occasion, I’m having to learn to decipher the new clues that my 35-year old body is giving me. As a fully-fledged food lover, I thought I knew when I was hungry, but my body seems to have decided that I need to play a form of Charades with myself. Instead of traditional hunger pangs signalling that the Dex wants food, I feel ever-so-slightly out-of-sync, tired and moving towards woozy. Not in a light-headed woozy way, though, as that might make the hunger too readily identifiable for this game of Charades!

Similarly, I haven’t yet noticed any discernible differences between the Hunger Games feeling and a Wipeout feeling. A couple of times, I haven’t felt traditionally tired but, in the absence of food and water relieving my vague symptoms, I’ve tried something different, had a lie down, closed my eyes and immediately felt better.

All this is to say that, in the last few days, I have become a lot more like Leo! As with many babies, he doesn’t always believe me that a nap is the way to go and can fight it accordingly – I presume he feels generally unhappy and lacking something rather than identifying that sleep is the answer. So me and my boy are closer than ever in that respect, although he never has any trouble identifying a need for food, so he’s 1-0 up on me there!

The Lodgings

I haven’t yet submitted a TripAdvisor review but I’m pleased to report that my Guest House is: comfortable; clean; warm (too warm at times, but I generously don’t hold the Rents responsible for the humidity of the week); fully stocked with food and drink; and, has a lovely outdoor seating area with easy access for those of us who are slightly ham-footed. The company is good, there are no known restrictions on visiting hours and the range of TV channels is exceptional.

Just two minor quibbles that I’ve mentioned to the Proprietors: the wi-fi signal in my room is patchy; and, the Roman blinds are beautiful but too complicated to manoeuvre for someone like me (I’m going to blame the Illegal).

Sunday So Far

This morning started at 3am with a bit of a feast to address the Hunger Games followed by the Wide Awake Club until after 6am. Fortunately, having friends in different time zones comes in handy so, without having to disturb slumbering friends and family, I had a lovely 50-minute chat with a Canada-based buddy. She should thank me really because I saved her from watching The Chronicles of Riddick (the poor lass has terrible taste in films).

Anyone wishing to be added to the call list for future Wide Awake Clubs should send me details of availability 😂.

On the plus side, the day is still young and I’ve nearly finished my book (The Miniaturist) as a result of the insomnia. It’s time for my third breakfast, though, so the last 40 pages will have to wait.


(*Credit Tim Minchin.)


4 thoughts on “Dexamethasone Dichotomy”

    1. Oh, there’s a good question. I have no idea! During super busy periods of say a couple of months at a time, it was probably every week that I worked at least one 30-hour or more stretch on top of other long days. But I had some respite in between the very busy periods when I might not have worked through the night for a month or so.


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