Cole’s Miscellany (Part One)

  • Jennifer knows that I have a poorly leg. When I was in hospital, she asked what the cannula was in my arm so I explained that’s how the doctors had injected medicine (steroids) into me to help my poorly leg. Jennifer didn’t skip a beat and asked how the medicine got from the cannula to my leg. Dr Turner stepped in to give a brief rundown of the circulatory system. Never lose an opportunity to learn something, that’s what we always say.
  • On that note, I have learned today what an arctophile is (Jennifer appears to be one).
  • I found out yesterday that one of my friends is a friend of Mrs George Clooney so I’ve invited myself to a communal dinner party.
  • I’ve also invited us to dinner with another couple of friends, one half of whom is currently working with Eddie Redmayne. Shy bairns get nowt and all 😀.
  • Mam literally used the phrase “more tea, Vicar” yesterday. To a Vicar who appeared on The Voice no less.
  • An elephant hawk moth caterpillar joined us for tea and cake on the patio on Wednesday. I wasn’t happy. These creatures who just invite themselves and turn up.

7 thoughts on “Cole’s Miscellany (Part One)”

  1. I literally find myself laughing hysterically at “more tea Vicar”… I am also pleased the elephant hawk moth thing received a mention, I found myself worrying my heroic rescue act had been overlooked, it was very receptive to being picked up and wrapped itself around my finger very lovingly, i definitely felt a connection.

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