Cautiously Optimistic

A quick update as we travel on the way back from the hospital. Although Mr Holliman (who introduced himself as Damian) can’t tell me for certain, the markers on the scans indicate that I have a low-grade tumour. It’s on the left side of my brain, towards the top, near the motor and sensory area of the brain, hence why it’s affecting movement in my right side (remember GCSE biology, the left side of the brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa).

In simple terms, low grade is good (it’s all relative after all). For comparison, Graeme had the highest grade tumour known to man. So I take this as better than the worst news we could have been given and that fills me with cautious optimism. Although the tumour is not necessarily in the best place for access to get it out, Mr H is reasonably confident that they can take enough to test it properly and confirm exactly what it is. The nurse (Katie) confirmed it’s definitely better to have a low grade tumour in a tricky place than a high grade tumour with easy access.

The next step is a biopsy next Thursday. They will develop a clearer plan for the next stages of treatment after the biopsy hopefully successfully diagnoses the type of tumour. It could involve more surgery. He mentioned that one option that could be helpful is surgery where I’m awake so that they can do tests during the procedure to ensure that they are not damaging my brain by poking around in there (I’m paraphrasing!). My mind immediately went to the film Hannibal (sorry) so I mentioned it!

Interestingly, he said the regular migraine medication would not usually relieve migraine symptoms (as they have done for me) if the migraines were caused by the tumour.  So it could actually be unrelated (what are the chances of that…?).

I might update later with more information but I wanted to spread the news as we have it.

Thanks for the messages and love.



5 thoughts on “Cautiously Optimistic”

  1. Excellent first step Rachel. Definitely better than high grade.
    I know how scary it is to be given the possible difficulties as I was told it will be a bit tricky to remove a tumour I have from my parathyroid because I have had previous surgery on my thyroid. The internal scar tissue could have engulfed a nerve to my voice box and if damaged during the incision it could leave me with a voice that he then promptly demonstrated. I could only describe it as sounding like a Dalek.
    Shame they have to tell you as I wouldn’t have known that was a risk.

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