When it Comes to Humility, I’m the Greatest

Boots on the Ground

I’ve had many amazing messages from many lovely people based in many areas of the world, who I know from different parts of my life. It’s lovely and uplifting and I’m already sure that this blog was a good idea.

Fear not, though, my head is not getting too big as I have a secret weapon: my three-year old!

Jennifer will want you to know that she will actually be four in January. Indeed, her fourth birthday is currently one of the most important things on her mind. On most days, she will consult with her creative director (the legend who is Grandma Bear) on current ideas for the party theme, cake decoration plans and, most importantly, the guest list.

Jennifer isn’t usually allowed to stay at Grandma and Grandad’s house the night before nursery (she goes to nursery on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays). However, given the strange circumstances, a few rules have gone out of the window. After five nights of me sleeping in a different place from Jennifer, she’s been a bit affected: Graham said she’s been asking for me a lot and she’s been telling me almost constantly that she’s missing me and that she loves me. So we asked her if she wanted to stay here at the Rents’ house last night not least so that I could put her to bed.

Cue: much excitement, hugs, chocolate button treats immediately before bed (who cares about rules anyway?) and a happy little bear. We got as far as choosing which Julia Donaldson book was the Chosen One (I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t one I already know off by heart) and I was about to start reading.

My beautiful, sensitive and emotional little girl then looked up at me and said “Mammy, I think it’s Grandma’s turn to put me to bed”. And she barely said goodnight as she blew me a kiss and swept downstairs in search of the most amazing Mam and Grandma the world has ever known. And that’s how I know that everything has changed but we are doing something right because Jennifer’s world is still as it should be 😂


4 thoughts on “When it Comes to Humility, I’m the Greatest”

  1. Healing thoughts sent your way. May you find great strength for the journey ahead. May you have many smiles and laughs to keep you sane on challenging days and may you be surrounded by lots of love. Good luck Rachel. Xx

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